Dress the Soul 

Hello, my name is Luana Polimeni and I am an Italian designer.
In 2015 I created my own brand called: Luana Polimeni “Dress the soul “


I am the third generation of couturiers in my family and I am very proud and honored the be part of
this ancient production; we are about more than 40 years of experience in the production of
wedding dresses and haute couture clothes.


In 2012 an evolutionary path began for me which lead me to the choice of a modus operandi that
distinguishes my bridal and haute couture collections from others on the market. The excellence is
made of fine materials, stylistic studies and researches but for me this was an easy route to follow
so I decided to go further more.


I started painting on my own clothes.
“ It was an April afternoon and I was looking at the picture I finished painting earlier; I was
studying the nuances and I thought: "What a pity is not being able to wear it, having you on me with
all your emotions and colors I felt drawing you, owning you all the time".


I began to paint clothes, as if they were paintings.

It’s a magic to see how a beautiful woman can embrace only her own beauty but also feel unique as she really is;

because that’s the way she think about herself.
Uniqueness is the key of our Power, ladies.
Here is for you my “ Dress the Soul” essence: the visual representation of a soul that own what’s
beautiful inside and outside.
My line is complete with the production of a large amount of bridal and ceremony pret-a-couture
and I’m ready to please every needs of a wider market.


Thanks for your time;
Enjoy my collection,